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Sometimes A Good Dog Is The Best Medicine Mar 10, 2020 »

Anyone who really knows Jeffrey knows he is Mr. Serious, a no bull, straight shooter in everything in life, his business, his family, his ministry & also in his dog selection breeding program. Everything he does he does it will all his heart, mind & soul. He thinks very seriously about it all down to even the little things. He always say, "The little thing can become big things if you dont watch it. "

So when it comes to our dogs, his way of seriousness, his strictness have you & over the…

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Lessons My Dog Taught Me About Life Mar 10, 2020 »

Our dogs are right in front of us everyday showing us with their ever action a better way to live but all to often we don't pay attention. We take them for granted thinking we know so much more about life than they do & believing that we have far more to teach them then they could possible teach us.

In fact, we invest an enormous amount of energy trying to get our dogs to become more like us! We teach them to understand our language often without even bothering to learn theirs. We teach them…

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