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Our lifestyle is that of hunting and farming decent. As a young boy, my Dad, Floyd Michel Sr., also known as Mitch or Ga-Goo, worked in the oil field and on his time off he did electrical, plumbing and appliance repairs. Also, my Uncle Clinton Vicknair, was an A/C and electrical whiz and Uncle Lionel Aucion was a master electrician. Both uncles did this on their time off while being fully employed at Monsanto. I went camping with my Dad and my Brother, Floyd Michel Jr., also known as Bosco, and all my Uncles. They were a big influence in my life. Being around such clever men, who pushed me to work and hunt hard, helped me find fulfillment and success.

I see how I have become what I have become. I love planting and farming. Since I was 6 - 7 years old I was expected to plant our garden and still do it to this day at the age of 53 years old, my Dad is 92 and my Mom 91. I went into the Marines the day I turned 18, not knowing what I wanted to do. I felt lead to go for the hardest, most challenging thing I could do at that age and that was Marine Corp Infantry guaranteed. They wanted to pay me to go into heavy artillery, but I was dead set on Infantry to follow my brother, uncles, and cousins before me.

Uncle Clyde Hymel, Ronnie Hymel, Kerry Hymel, Cedric Aucion, Uncle Te-Neg Michel, Uncle Kermit Hymel, Brian Michel and quite a few of the family on both sides of the Michel's and Hymel's were and continue to be my inspiration. When I got out of the military, I went to work as a Roustabout in the oil field as a contractor for Pennzoil. My Dad got me in with a company called Hyrda Air Construction out of Thibodeaux, LA. Later, I hurt my back trying to be John Wayne working for someone with that same mentality. I was blessed not to have killed myself going into those tanks which were pure poison chemicals fumes, shoveling oil sand until I could hear my heartbeat in my head and would fall out. When I told my Dad the man got into trouble. Of course, he was mad at me, and his boss was one of my Dads Foreman with Pennzoil, Mr. Charles Desmares who took me under his wing and brought me all over with him. He was a very good man. He showed much respect for my Dad, his wife, family, and God. He really helped level me out, even to this day. Then my Dad said, "You have one more chance to do something with your life Son, College or Technical School?"

I decided to join South Louisiana Vocational Technical School for Climate Control. Thinking back on those uncles at camp. Uncle Andre Jacob would always have me drive his boat around to go get groceries because he was a good cook. He would tell me, "never get stuck in a plant job, it's like a prison sentence for life." So with that in mind, I would have more freedom as an AC Technician. It wasn't an easy field to get into, but today it was all worth it. Lisa and I lived our entire married life like we were retired. We certainly never lacked anything. We traveled one hour one way to go to church for fifteen years. We did and went anywhere our hearts desired.

We tried every restaurant and church for miles. One of our main interests was to observe and recognize where lifestyles and values would bring us to life. Freedom, peace, and destiny is our chief concern. We never considered retirement and want to do something we can do our whole life as a service to impart the gospel to those who would believe and receive. We have seen people who work their whole lives to retire and then die within a couple years. It seems senseless. We know that there is a much bigger picture that the majority is missing. So I write all this to say, this is what shaped our lives to be animal farmers, tree farmers, garden farmers and doing the A/C business, but most importantly, God Seekers. Studying the Bible, we broke it into four groups, Teaching, Preaching, Healing, and Deliverance.

We have been to the most religious churches where there is a form of Godliness yet denying the power of God. To churches where there are demon manifestations, where I once vomited as a sign of deliverance. I was delivered from allergies and disappointments and ungodly family. There is such a peace that comes from deliverance yet I didn't even know that I needed. Matthew 8:16 "These signs shall follow those who believe. They shall cast out devils, lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover and set the captive free." Churches that move in signs, and wonders with the supernatural power of God, draw people from all around the world going up in wheelchairs and all sorts of bondage that horribly affected their lives. Thank God for the power to deliver and set free.

A few of my favorite Bible teachers that I had the pleasure to meet are Marilyn Hickey, John Hagee, and Pastor Larry Stockstill at Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, LA, where we have attended for the past 15 years. World Evangelist, Jesse Duplantis at Covenant Church in Destrehan, LA, Apostle Guillermo Maldonado at King Jesus Ministries in Miami, Fl., Bob Larson with TV/Radio talk show host/devil chaser, R.W. Shambaugh who looks like a twin to my Uncle Te-Neg Michel, T.D. Jakes, Brother Fred and Sister Brenda Mack, Brother Earl and Sister Tottie McDonald, Sister Evelyn Ackerman, Brother Rod Agulliard, Brother Garlin and Sister Sandra Mizell, Brother Jim and Sister Maxine Kennedy, Brother Ted and Gracie Kinchen and the list goes on and on. Thank God for such Godly examples in our lives.

My Mom and my Sister Lydia have been fine examples of selflessness. My sister, Merry Gay Vicknair, whom all the Godly love and say how sweet she is. My wife, Lisa Michel, a true servant and unselfish in all her ways. Our sons, Jeffrey Jr and Justin Michel, who are sticking with their guns and faith and work for us doing A/C and Heating. Kasey and Danielle, my stepdaughters who have become evangelists and God chasers with all they have been through. Kip, our son who has kept the faith and works in the education system.

Our mission is to send out these little puppies and kittens fully prayed over to go and do the will of Jesus. To bring peace, and encouragement into their new homes and be a blessing to all they come in contact with. To be used as therapy animals, babysitters for the kids, hunting companions, diabetic detectors, blood tracking dogs for lost deer, top-notch duck dogs, beagle field trialing, Labrador field trials, rabbit hunters, exercise companions, hunting buddies, the most loyal pets, couch potatoes, alarm systems, keep prey away from chickens and to kill snakes.

It is a full-time hobby to keep up with all these animals and to maintain their best possible health. It is our passion, and it definitely takes passion. It takes a lot of time and money, and if it wasn't for our A/C business we couldn't do it at the level we attain. We have shipped pups to Arizona, Texas and God knows where. We've had 18 wheeler make a pit stop here to get them as a travel companion, we shipped by dog transporter that goes all over the world. Some of our puppies are traveling on 18 wheeler, some in retirement RV, and some live at the camps throughout. Thousands have been sold in just Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles Alexandria, Houma, Thibodeaux, New Orleans, and all of the Bayous of South Louisiana. They have been sold everywhere throughout Mississippi, from the gulf coast to Northern Mississippi and Tennessee. We no longer deliver puppies because we have been everywhere. We put in Air Conditioners from Grand Isle to offshore to Jackson Mississippi to Texas to Mobile, Alabama. In 1995 we decided to sell all our Beagles and move from Chauvin, LA to Garyville, LA.

We only kept our horses, a pig named Babe, and my top deer dog Brenda that hunted the Garyville swamp. My brother Bosco got us a big yellow lab from a man he worked with at IMC Agrico or the old Freeport McMoran whom we named Ole Yellow. Ole Yellow would swim to the bottom of the Bayou to retrieve, and he always came up with whatever we threw. I've never seen anything like it in all my life! He was a good one, and he loved the swamp. In 1999, we moved from Garyville, LA to Livingston, LA, where it is a very conservative Godly area in South Louisiana. This is a place where everyone still prays in school and don't sell alcohol on Sundays or have any Gambling Casinos but have plenty of non-denominational churches, and we love it! It was at Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, LA in the year of 2000 that I told Lisa, "God gave me a word while in prayer, that we would start raising Beagles again" and she asked, "are you sure it's God or is it you?" I said, "let's try the spirit because our own hearts can be full of deception." Where I drew the line with John 10:10 "The thief comes for nothing to kill, steal and destroy But I (Jesus) have come to give life and that more abundantly." 3 John 2:2 "above all I want you to be in good health and prosper as your soul prospers."

So we went home and put an ad in The Advocate newspaper to do a survey for small Beagle pets, and the phone literally rang off the hook that weekend. I said, "It sounds like God to me." We have shared that testimony before and have had people try to follow our calling and couldn't give away a puppy for free. They were trying to do what God told us to do, and it doesn't work that way. You have to follow God for your own life's work. So we prayed and found three nice little females in Starkville, MS, and it turned out to be a long ride but the old man told me about the Natchez Trace, and we took that back. It is like being in Gatlinburg, TN, I can get on the Trace within two hours from our house. Those three little females started the foundation of our kennels, but that has now switched. Our breeding program is constantly getting better and better, and we have gone much farther than Starkville, MS. We have traveled far and wide for our kennel business and the word of God.

Written by: Jeffrey Michel Sr.


Hello Lisa & Jeff we wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. We brought our pup to have her pic taken with Santa. Cheryl

Merry Christmas!

Hello Lisa & Jeff we wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. We brought our pup to have her pic taken with Santa. Cheryl
She is photogenic, love it!
She has brought lots of joy to us.

So Photogenic!

She is photogenic, love it! She has brought lots of joy to us.
Kids were so excited & the pup was too. Great babysitter. lol

Great Babysitter!

Kids were so excited & the pup was too. Great babysitter. lol
Location Location Location!
Locally & conveniently located just a few miles off I-12 . We are between the Livingston & the Holden exit. We are in Springville, La. AKA Centerville. It is the center of Livingston Parish. Jeffrey thought he wanted to live along the swamp but God had a bigger and better plans. We can go East 15 minutes & be in Hammond, Ponchatoua, Ticfaw, Independence or we can go West 15 minutes & be in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs or Walker or we can go South West 15 minutes & be in Galvez, Prairieville, Ascension Parish. It made us centrally located. Jeff says, "That is why in Air Conditioning, it is called a Central unit. Because it needs to be centrally located to remove the heat properly."
People have been here from alot of different states to pick up puppies. We been in Livingston Parish since 1999 & I think beside our love for the dogs & a word from God it is the location that really helps us.
A lot of our customers come from down the Bayous. We originally moved from Bayou Blue & Gray area. A lot of our customers come from the Houma & Thibodaux area, New Orleans area, Baton Rouge area , Prairieville, Hammond, St. Francisville, Lafayette, Alexandria & also from North La. such as Monroe, Ruston, Shreveport/Bosier City area. We have sold puppies to customers in Lake Charles & Biloxi Mississippi area. It is astonishing when our puppies go to Pheniox Arizonia & beyound. Now that is a long ride. We went there this year when we went to Dr. Mike Murdocks Convention in Dallas Texas. After the convention, we shot across to Elpaso, then to Pheniox & up to The Grand Canyon. One of the seven wonders of the world. It is defintely a must see & a beauty to ride through. We saw Elk & Deer there. We also drove through a big forest in Mexico where we met some guys who were running small beagles on Bear & Lions. They had the little small fast type Beagles that we like ourselves. The area was rocky terrian with big hills & hollows. It takes a very athletic type Beagle to be able to traverse that type of terrain on that type of game & not get killed or hurt. It takes a heck of a dog to be smart, fast & aglie enough to not get hurt in that terrian with that type of game.