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Jeff always said, "Every boy should have a Beagle."

Then Lisa will add, " Every girl too."

Veterinarians will tell you that, "Beagle's are #1 recommended pet for kids!" But being we have lived with Beagles all our lives we can add to that not that, "NOT ALL" Beagles make good pets.! Some Beagles have food aggression or other animal aggression. Let me tell you, "You DO NOT want any aggressive dog of any type in your house or around your kids." Also, they have beagles that have long hair and they shed alot, health issues and hard to house train. That's just to name a few things that is not in our dogs.

Our motto is, "We Cull So You Don't Have To!" We judge our dogs very very hard for them to make it into our breeding program.

Here at Jeffco Kennels we are breeding the small, pretty family companions with the best personalities. Being a AKC Judge, Jeff has studied our dog's bloodline going way back looking at size, color, personalities, health and much much more!

Jeff has always been an avid deer hunter and in the beginning he did go rabbit hunt some and had the best little hunting beagles you ever saw. Jeff and his dogs even made it on a Ted Turner show called; "Off the Menu" where Jeff and our beagles at that time took Mr. Ted Turner's t.v. crew on a rabbit hunt. Then after the hunt they took the kill to Ted Turner's restaurant and showed how to clean a rabbit and how to cook it.

In the last 10 years we have been breeding strictly for the extra small beagle companion and it looks like Jeff has done it again because every year our kennels is becoming more and more popular. Jeff knows beagles and i keep telling him I want him to start blogging. He has breed the ultimate lil hunting beagles and now he has done it again but this time even better with the Ultimate small beagle pets and I am in puppy Heaven. Living the life! The Beagle breed stole my heart long ago.

writen by: Lisa Michel

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The Ultimate Labrador

Right off the bat I can tell you, "Our Labradors is Family Pet & Working Dog Quality!

Labradors are #1 dog "nation" wide and for good reasons!

From our customers all time favorite dog; Moses to our brand new addition; The Big White Bull Amos, we have the most laid back, easiest to train, and most lovable Labradors around.

Just like Jeff's breeding program for the Beagles has been proven to be a success He has also done the same thing with our Labradors! Jeffco Kennels is breeding some of the finest Labradors you can buy anywhere! Being an AKC Judge; Jeff studies every part of his dogs history. Believe me, we have bought many dogs we though was really good till we bought them home to check out for ourselves. "We Cull Them So You Don't Have To!, is our motto. Over the years we lost lots of money by culling dogs because they did not meet the standards we hold here at Jeffco Kennels.

Our Labradors has becoming popular very very fast! But the first few years it was like Nope, nope, nope. Labradors were dropping out our program like flies. But it paid off because we finally got the right dogs and People are loving our Labradors!

Moses pups or very popular and has been a big hit here at Jeffco Kennels and now we found a white male we call Amos and he is "Gorgeous". When people come here they're eyes are always drawn to our males first!

Because of our Labrador's laid back temperament and their extreme intelligence people are buying them for therapy companions; seeing eye dogs, Autism, PTS, extreme cases of anxiety, grief and so many issue people deal with these days and are having good results!

Our Beagles also make good therapy companions and are much smaller!

So whatever choice of breed you prefer I am sure you will be happy with your purchase here.

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Jeffco's Blue Streak

Streak is a small 13" Bluetick female. When people see her they thinks she is gorgeous and she sure is gorgeous! They have a lot of Bluetick Beagles out there but not a whole lot of pet quality. For a long time I didn't like the Bluetick dogs because of the aggression I saw in them and not many pretty ones until I came across a beautiful Bluetick name Judy.

She was the most beautiful and loving Bluetick I ever had. Well Streak is another…

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Jeffco's Moses
The Duck Commander (male)

Moses is a beautiful jet coal shinny black male with a good head with the prettiest whitest teeth. He has a happy happy personality and has the perfect build. He is a good of a watch dog and a natural at everything he does.

Moses always excels in every competition we put him in with little to no coaching, he is and has always been very obedient, wants to please and extremely intelligent. From a pup he has always done everything we…

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