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Pastor Larry Stockstill in Baton Rouge, La. at www.Bethany.com prayed for the congregation for witty ideas & creative incentives, different avenues for income to help build churches with Surge which is a project that Pastor Larry Stockstill received by God to start planting churches all over the world. Because of a vision he had in Baker. Her saw people lined up shoulder to shoulder that made 13 lines around the whole world that need salvation.

So I received that we should start breeding Beagles & Lisa said, " You sure that is just you?" I know God wanted me to bred Beagle but it didn't seem like it because I had Beagles before & I had to sell all my dogs because it had became a god in my life & at that time I couldn't even sell a dog. i had to sell my best dog Queenie for $150 that was all i could get for my best dog at the time. So I said, lets try putting an ad in the paper and see if they will sell. So we did & our phone literally rang off the hook & we didn't even have any puppies or grown dogs to sell cause we had gave them all up cause we didn't want it coming for God and being a god in our life. I think God tested me to see If I would give it all up for him before He could trust me with the Beagles since I love them so much but I cant love them more than God. He wanted to see if I was able to keep them in the right order. So once God got involved it was a different story.

So we set out to find some Beagles & the first trip I took was in year of 2000 to Starkville, Ms. with a new anointed Beagle breeding program in mind to help build churches. We bought three females & took the Natchez Trace back for the first time & was excited to find that & we have been going back every year to the Trace ever since. I only remember Red River because the other two didn't make our breeding program. I named her Red River because she had a red head & looked alot like our Angel B & Agel C. He didnt really want to sell Red River but i offered him more money than he ever gotten for a Beagle. He siad, she was a good hunter, a super good pet & his top dog. The next day I brought them in back my house on the pipeline I wanted to see how they would do, how they would act, would they run away? So Red River woulnt do nothing. So I called the old man in Starkville he told me do what you have to do to get her going, you know she is a good dog caus ei really didnt want to sell her. It took a week to get her use to all the donkeys braying, roosters crowing and allt he differnt sounds of the farm life we had going on at the time. But we she did get use to everything she had the best pet personality & was the best rabbit beagle you could want with all the looks in the world. So the hunt was on again. I need to find a nice lil male to bred her to. So I spotted an ad in the paper and it said, AKC X-SMALL BEAGLE PETS BEST IN THE WORLD! So I had Lisa call him & his name was Mr. Abraham Saba & he said, He has Choclates & Tris & they were $350 which was high at the time. Lisa goes on to tell me how he kept saying. " THE BEST IN THE WORLD!" & how he had been putting those little beagles together for 50 years him & his sweet wife Mrs. Nancy Saba. I called back to see if he had any grown dogs and he said possible he would sell a male for a breeder but he wanted a thousand dollards which was unheard of at that time but he was very confident that he had THE BEST IN THE WORLD! So we head out to Lacomb, La to go see what he had. Immediately Mr Saba took a liking to us & told us he was in his 90's & could barly see but he knew we were christians. he said, He was born just a couple miles away from where Jesus was born in the manger. He told us He had been a golden glove boxer in N.O. for years and said feel my muscles & I could believe how solid this 90 year old mans muscles were. He was still a very strong man. Mr Saba had a huge heavy duty hog trap & was anxious to show us the biggest wild hog in the hog was running into the pipe bending the trap everytime it hit. it looked like this old man had no fear but i was scared being right there with my wife & kids. he had guestimated him to be about 800 lbs & to me it looked like he had tusk the size of an elephant.

They walking back to the house he goes show me a dog he called Poncho. He was beautiful with all the color in the world. He looked like an American flag. His black was jet black & his white was a bright pearl white & his head & shoulders was a reddish Mahogany brown. He was a bit tall around 14 inch 7 was looking for a 12 inch male but Poncho's daddy was Saba's Buster that was a beautiful 10 inch male that years later we acquired. So, have seeing Poncho's daddy we went ahead & bought him & we also bought two females Flossy & Tina Girl. that was all we could afford. we used every dollar we could scrap out of our old green 1986 Ford truck. so that gave us 3 feamles & a male to start breeding. Few years later the Saba's house flooded & because we had became good friends they called us & wanted us to have there dogs & that is when we got blessed with Buster & many other Saba BEST IN THE WORLD DOGS! So on the way one day to church, Lisa started crying saying she was worried that these dogs would become a god again and didnt want that to happen. I said, No way I dont know why you saying that.

Well shortly after that I started field trialing & before I knew it I was completely off again with the dogs and everything. I had let these dogs become a god in my life where I was putting excessive time & money & traveling with the dogs instead of God & family. So today I realize, it costed me all my good little pet dogs to go try to win a trial. So I stop trialing & started selling all these over competive jealous natured beagles & I kept my little small well mannered non barkymost leveled headed lil dogs. it was only the grace of God that even though I was competing I always bred dogs that look good, that ws sensible, that i can bring into the house & they would easily house break. So as God would have it cause he always knows best i would still have the dogs that he would want me to have. i wa able to take some of theose same little dogs and start breeding smaller & smaller & smaller culling out all the big ones. Then we ended up with a nice little English male that came back to us that we had originally bred. It was God again.

Fast forward again God anointed our Kennel business to support & build churches through Surge. www. Bethany.com, supporting TBN & Daystar Television, Bethany Livinston Church, Bethany Nola church, KLove Radio, CUFI AKA Christians United For Irael, Life Today with James & Betty Robinson drilling water wells, Ambulance for Israel through LArry & Tiz Huck, BETHANY CHURCH.

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