Jeffco's Moses
The Duck Commander (male)

Drew Breeze, breeding beagle

Moses is a beautiful jet coal shinny black male with a good head with the prettiest whitest teeth. He has a happy happy personality and has the perfect build. He is a hell of a watch dog too. He is a natural at everything he does.

Every competition he has been in he has excelled with little to no coaching, very obedient, wants to please and extremely intelligent. From a pup he has always done everything we asked of him and he just knows what to do. He is an amazing dog. We love him to pieces. People that don't even think they like the blacks after seeing Moses thinks he is beautiful and want a black. But I don't think all blacks are nice. But Moses is exceptional.

We use him for therapy dog to minister to people, hunting, fishing, blood trailing, camp dog. Never had to use e-collars on him and he never runs of on deer. Moses has had a few litters and throws himself in is puppies. Moses pups are good looking puppies, natural well mannered, not hyper, fast learners, very intelligent and everyone who has purchased pups off Moses is extremely satisfied.

My husband is a judge for AKC and can't find one fault in him. He is not a barky dog at all. Will bark on a stranger, that is about it. He is good with our chickens, rabbits, not food aggressive, non fighter. He is a good good watch dog to full of discernment. Moses is just the best!

Jeffco's The Big White Bull Amos (male)

breeding labs amos

We are excited about adding Amos as a stud. Moses is hard competition to contend with but Amos is a beautiful pup, polar Bear white and will look lot like Angel Bear when he is grown and Angel Bear is gorgeous.

Snow White with a huge head with a stocky body and the perfect otter tail. Amos is off show dogs just like our Angel Bear is. He is off show dogs bred with working traits. He is a good good cross. He is a obedient water/hunter/tracker dog. He is really smart and looking good so far as a prospective breeder.

Jeffco's Angel Bear

breeding labs

Our Angel Bear is beautiful. She looks like a big bear in the water. She dominates the water sport. She is a beautiful polar bear white with black points. Angel has the biggest head and the perfect otter tail.

She has the prettiest puppies you'll ever see. Angel is all dog, very confident but not to aggressive. She is a real good retriever and has real good lungs and endurance.Angel has plenty plenty show champions in her pedigree and her pups are the hard to find picture perfect pets yet top notch retrievers. She throws blacks and whites only.

Jeffco's Red Angie

breeding labs

Angie is a natural pointer and a exceptional bird dog. She is super smart, excellent retriever and tracker. Because of Angie's short as velvet coat she has little to no shedding and seems to all stay clean with hardly no maintenance.

In the hunt she will keep her eye on you at all times, She follows the ATV perfectly and will not run off on you and not hard headed. She has lots of drive in the field. Competitive yet not aggressive. I wont keep a barky or a fighter here. I judge my dogs hard and i would not breed a hyper, barky dog that fights. I can put my dogs with puppies and my puppies wont get hurt.

Angie is off of To Late to Handle Cuz And a Rooster Smasher female. Angie is an easy keeper and good in kennel. When she follows the four wheeler perfect and goes into a perfect gait along side of four wheeler. She stays out the way and follows perfect. When I bred her to a fox red she threw all fox red but when I bred her to Moses she throws blacks and lite yellows.

Angie throws the prettiest pups. Angie's last litter I crossed her with Moses and they had a the best pups. I sold a black male name Miracle off that litter. By the time Miracle was 10 weeks old Lisa had him house trained, sleeping all through the night sound without a peep, sitting on command, lay down, crawl, kennel on command... He was a natural, you will see a video of him as a pup on You Tube and on our website but we did get to keep Miracle's sister; Miraculous.

Miraculous is absolutely beautiful and she has been such an easy keeper, fast learner, super well mannered. She has that short velvet coat like her mama and stays looking perfect and she has been the best pup ever!

Jeffco's Chocolate Ester

Ester breeding labs

Her name is Ester not Easter. Our Chocolate Ester girl is a beautiful with the perfect head and body. She throws the prettiest pups you ever seen. Her last litter she had a beautiful yellow male with a levered colored nose and green eyes, I call that a "looker" or a "show stopper".

Lisa regretted selling him, she fell in love and wanted to keep him, but we can't keep them all. Ester's pups are not just pretty they are top notch dogs. Ester is off of the biggest finest male I have ever seen called Lock Five's Texas Tuck. Tuck is off of FC Watermarks Texas Welcome MH and Lock's Five April Foolya MH MNH Ester is non-aggressive and not hyper at all, she is very gentle, good with kids, chickens, puppies.

She is an excellent boat dog, watch dog, excellent in the pen, easy easy keeper and all the drive you can want on the hunt. She can retrieve and retrieve and retrieve.

Jeffco's Yellow Splash Monkey

breeding labs

We call her Splash Monkey because she loves loves loves the water. She is a very well built and put together old time female. She loves it all, duck, deer, camp, boats,ATV's,and everything else in between.

She is real smart and has a pretty show head on her, She has always been gentle and super polite and loves to please. This year we will bred her for the first time but she comes off a long line of producers. she has fox red, yellows, blacks and chocolates in her.Her grandmother is off of Dakota Cajun RouxMH and Missy's Cajun Dakota MH, Daphne's Chocolate Thunder, Candlewood's Stormy Bear MH and many other great dogs.

She also has some British in her. Everything we ever bred to Moses has turned out to where people always call us or text complimenting on them and all our females are real nice. They are way better than what we started with. We went high and low to get our females and we like all we have now.

Jeffco's Miraculous

miraculous breeding lab

MIRACULOUS is such a beautiful dog. Black smooth coat with white white teeth and oh sooo pretty. I don't like all black labs but her and Moses is the prettiest black labs I have ever saw. I love everything about Miraculous.

She is smart, gentle, non aggressive, not a barker, been a easy keeper, natural well mannered, wont jump on you, good in kennel and she loves a hose pipe. NOT HYPER at all. I hate a hard headed, hyper, crazy puppy that jumps all over you, bark out of control, tare up your ground. You will not find that here at my place. Miraculous has a brother named Miracle (you'll see him on our website and on YouTube). by the time Miracle was 10 weeks old Lisa had house trained him, and he kenneled up on command, sit on command, go down, crawl. There was nothing that dog did not learn.

Lisa wanted to keep him too. Miracle and Miraculous is off Moses and Angie. Moses and Angie pups is the easiest puppies you will ever train. They will make a trainer out of anybody they are so easy. No matter what you ask, these pups are so smart it like they understand your language. the excel in everything you do. They are naturals and they just have it!

Jeffco's Easter Chocolate Sunday Grace

A.K.A. Gracie

easter breeding labs

Her name is Easter not Ester. We have both. We had to get Easter. We love her bloodline. She is a nice big boned show head chocolate female. She is off Gator Point Bayou Chopper SH which again is Dakota Cajun Roux MH and AFC Ten Beans Road Trip CCRS and Gotta Try It MH.

She is a very well put together dog who is obedient and she is a very well mannered dog. She loves the water, boats and boy she can retrieve. I think she will make it to our breeding regiment but only time will tell.