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Beagles are not only excellent hunting dogs, and amazingly loyal companions, but they are also happy-go-lucky, cute, and very funny. These dogs were bred to hunt in packs, so they enjoy company and are very easy-going.

Beagles have been the most popular hound dog owned by American pet owners for years! They are clever, curious by nature, and very energetic. But they do require a lot of playtime!

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labs, Labrador puppies

Labs are famously friendly and the most popular dog breed in the U.S.A. They are energetic, loving, and make great companions and hunting dogs.

They will easily bond with the whole family and socialize wonderfully with other dogs. Also, they are easy-going, but are not low on energy! So be prepared to have them play and exercise as they are very enthusiastic. Labs love to swim, play fetch, and just run!

With their sweet faces, and lovable nature, it's no wonder labs are a popular breed. Click below to see our lab puppies!

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More Information Coming Soon!

Our breeding season runs approximately from Thanksgiving to Easter. Contact us directly for more information.

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This cross is the smartest pups ever! This is the same cross that the pup called Miracle came off of. A video of Miracle can be seen on this site under video. If you never trained a dog before, no worries these catch on so quickly you will think the know your language. By the time Miracle was 10 weeks old he sit, kennel on command, stay, crawl, retrieve, knew sign language, house trained. He was so smart and learned so fast, I had to look up video to learn what to train him next. All Angie and…

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