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Amos & Angel Bear

White English Labradors (WEL )is show dog & working dog. At least one parent has to have a show title & a working title before they are allowed to bred in England.

They are short coupled, not overly tall, have otter tail, block heads, low key, a since of watch ability.

To demystify things on the internet. Google says, "the American Labradors are hyper & the English Labradors are not hyper." but the truth is , Google is comparing the English "show" Labrador to the American "working" Labrador.

We thought buying Pure English Labradors working they would be mellow but they were more hyper than the Americans.

Moses is a solid American Labrador & is low key as our English white Labradors. His Daddy's (sire) AKC pedigree didn't have any recognized to very few field title or show titles in 5 generations back which a lot of times is much better than dogs that is ate up with titles. the reason I say that is a lot of the titles is politics anyway. You cheat for me & I cheat for you. you call that buddy Judging. their is a lot of that going on these days for dogs to get all these titles. they get it all sowed up for people in their click so they could sell their dogs for high prices. The show rings & trials is full of that going on, crooked judges. These FT (Field Trial) Labrador breeders are breeding a very hyper dog confusing hyperiness with drive. they say, oh well all Labradors puppy stage is bad, you don't have a Labrador till they 2 years old. This is cause they way they are breed. that is why it took me going through 300 Labradors to get 5 that made the cuts for us to breed.

We bought Moses @ 5 weeks old, Angel Bear @ 1year old, Amos @ 3 months old.

Moses is 6 years old now, Angel Bear is 3 years old & Amos is 2 year sold and they have never been hyper.

We sent dogs to trainers, spent a lot of money & they shock them so much they were glued hugging our legs they were so afraid to do anything wrong & the worse one was a big English male.

As For Color

We do not breed for color! we bought a silver that had hair & skin problems & it wasn't a very smart dog. It was breed for color.

We bought lots of chocolates @ least 20 of them we were trying to get some good chocolates going & every one of them was hyper hyper. in some of the dogs the hyperiness didn't show up till they were two & most of the ones we bought was titled dogs that according to their pedigree you would think they was the best. then I also bought a chocolate with no titles & that one had hip dysplasia show up in her at 6 months of age. A pretty lil chocolate one too. Now the good thing about the show Labradors is they are being tested for OFA & lots of other test is required to show. so that's a good thing in the Labrador now the German shepherd they say they tested but their backs or the roach back that looks to crazy. That is what the "show" politics did to the German shepherd Dogs. That's why we have the white German Shepherds. they don't show those.

Back to the Labradors. The working Labradors (American, English or British) are very healthy. some are being tested, yet they do not have an on/off button. Meaning they don't know when to chill. They will stand at a tree & bark at a squirrel all day long, run after cats or just run the fence line and bark at everything all day every day. They don't make good house pets, they will destroy your house and if you try to crate them they will get anxiety.

As early as I can think back all my Labradors were yellow. My first black Labrador was Moses & as the old saying goes, " Once you go black you wont go back." When you think about it? the Black & the yellows is the old originals. Old stock or old school Labradors. Back when the Labrador was a Family/ Hunting companion. They just wanted a good smart working dog!

There has been some good chocolates such as Roux & others that won all five titles yet when I bought a pup off them the pup was hyper crazy. I also bought dogs off Candlewood out of W.C. , the breeder won more than any titles in the world but they were so hyper & such an eye sore that she even started breeding the working showline & the old English Labradors.

Typically, they say, "The English is smaller than the Americans." And in many cases they are. The biggest one I ever had was a big fox red an import straight from the U.K. & he wouldn't even retrieve at all & neither did his sister. No how can a titled dog not even retrieve? They both had a dum founded look about them in their eyes too & they were definitely some dum dogs. So, since we didn't care about what color rather they were red, white or blue. Being we were breeding for manners, self control, nose, intelligence, health, hunt ability, house pets, calmness, not a barky dog, non hyper, obedience & a dog breed to please. Like a perfect Gentleman's dog. we ended up with the blacks & yellows (yellow includes the white & reds also). Our blacks- are shinny blacks or Cole blacks with a medium size, block heads on the males & the females a lil more refined on their heads. Our yellows- go from a snow white to a fox red. they also have extremely shinny coats & the ones off Angie has the short hair gene. the ones off Angel Bear primarily a longer coat,Monkey & Sweet Potatoes' pups have medium hair coat. The pups off of our white English male; Amos has the big alligator block head in the males & some females have the big block heads but most females heads are more refined. As far as size Moses is a good size dog not small by any means yet not big like the big dee looking Labradors you see.

Moses hunt is a 10 Trainabliity

10 Manners

10 Looks

10 intelligence

10 obedience

10 athletic

bark at night 0

Bark at strangers 7

7 watch dog ability 7

Moses also throws a small dog around 35lbs sometimes that makes the prefect little pirogue dog. Moses's Mama was a little small chocolate that was breed real good. she was a triple breed Barracuda Blue bred female. (I think she was the first chocolate to get titled) & that is where the little dogs that Moses is throwing is showing up from.

Angie Red- is a fox red with the short coat gene. Her sire was To Late to Handle Me Cuz & her mama is a Rooster Smasher gyp which is where her pointing ability comes from. Back in Angie's pedigree there is a chocolate so in between her 7 Moses there is a possibility of throwing a chocolate but we crossed her & Moses 3 times already and they have blacks & all different colored yellows; from red to lite yellows, khakis, creams and all various shaded of yellows. Some of her pups have green eyes and chocolate noses & they are the short hair gene like her.

Angel Bear- is throwing blacks, whites & lite yellows. Angel Bear with Amos is throwing Primarily whites & some lite yellows. Yellow splash Monkey- crossing with Amos is producing all whites & yellos. from snow white with black black point to yellows.

Sweet Potatoe Pie- is off Moses & Yellow splash Monkey. she is a nice big stout female. she is bigger than her mama. Lots of drive & hunt yet not a hyper dog. If I breed her to Amos she throws big fine stocky whites & yellows. Miraculous- is a beautiful black female that is well put together. kind of refined or more streamed line. She is off Moses & Angie. we yet to hear to bark. she is very quiet 7 gentle natured. 3 years old & we just now bred her to Amos. This will be her first litter coming soon & I suspect she will have black, yellows & whites.

Miraculous has the eyes of a yellow dog which she got from her mama Angie. so she is a black Labrador with gold eyes. very rare looking and so pretty.

We use our Labradors for:

Blood Trailing deer

Duck hunting

Retrieve squirrels

bird hunting

camping we use them for watch dogs while we camp ATV/UTV riding with dogs





and we like that they don't bark and wake us up at night. they only bark for emergencies.


We use to have Dobermans who couldn't take hot or cold weather. Labrador Retriever is the whole Nation's #1 dog & they can handle the extreme heat & severe cold with minimal housing.

Most Popular Dog For Each State

Louisiana- Labrador, German Shepherd; AKA GSD & Beagle

Mississippi- Labrador, Beagle & GSD

Alabama- Labrador, GSD & Beagle

Tennessee- Labrador, GSD & Beagle

Kentucky #1 The Beagle