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Lessons My Dogs Taught Me About Life
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Lessons My Dog Taught Me About Life

Our dogs are right in front of us everyday showing us with their ever action a better way to live but all to often we don't pay attention. We take them for granted thinking we know so much more about life than they do & believing that we have far more to teach them then they could possible teach us.

In fact, we invest an enormous amount of energy trying to get our dogs to become more like us! We teach them to understand our language often without even bothering to learn theirs. We teach them to sit, stay, come, & heel for our convenience, not theirs. We pamper them like children when they really don't care about the prettiest toys & we dress them in outfits when they couldn't give a hoot about fashion.

None of that makes sense to me. Here we are teaching our dogs to behave as we do even while many of us struggle to find happy relationships with members of our own species. Dogs are designed by God to value qualities like honor, respect, ritual, loyalty, trust, forgiveness & compassion. They understand the importance of pack order & mutually beneficial relationships. So, instead of teaching them what we think they should learn from us, what if we took a look at what we could learn from them?

I think we should look at our dogs as teachers because dogs have all the qualities we say we want but we never seem to be able to attain. Every day of our lives, dogs actually live the moral code that humans only aspire to & I believe dogs understand us better than we understand ourselves.

We all hear the motto, "Know Yourself", I would add to that by saying, "If we want to know ourselves, Know God first & know your dog! After all, only God & your dog knows you. The real you. Better that most people know you".

Your dog knows your routines. Your dog reads your body language & your emotions better than you do yourself. Your dog relates to you in ways that no other being ever could. Although they don't talk our language they communicate with us spiritually.

Dog spell backwards is GOD. God knew we need a friend to love us unconditionally so he created a dog to be mans best friend & I am very thankful because dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole!

written by: Lisa Michel

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