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A Good Dog Is The Best Medicine
3 Legged dog helps a special little boy over come his fears.

Sometimes A Good Dog Is The Best Medicine

Anyone who really knows Jeffrey knows he is Mr. Serious, a no bull, straight shooter in everything in life, his business, his family, his ministry & also in his dog selection breeding program. Everything he does he does it will all his heart, mind & soul. He thinks very seriously about it all down to even the little things. He always say, "The little thing can become big things if you dont watch it. "

So when it comes to our dogs, his way of seriousness, his strictness have you & over the years of culling out all the nonsense out of our breeding stock, what we have left today is your well mannered, polite, service pets. Which we call them "Ministry dogs" or "The perfect Gentleman's dog"! We didn't plan it but all I can say is, "It is a reflection of God in our life & our love for dogs". So what we have now is what we also call the "Nanny dogs". They're turning out great and being used as medical assistance dogs, PTSD, Seizure detection, diabetes detectors, seeing-eye dogs, & much much more. That is why I love them so much too. Even from a puppy they just glow with so much personality.

We are hearing more & more of youth depression & suicide. kids getting bullied in schools or online & it is just terrible the attacks on our kids. If you have a love one suffering please get him/her one of our dogs. It may save their life. We pray over all our dogs & the homes they go to. If they have a dog they always have a friend!

9 Ways Dogs Improve Our Mental Health

1- They offer us the calming effect of physical touch.

2- They provide affection & raise our self-esteem.

3- They reduce our isolation & loneliness.

4- They encourage empathy by giving us responsibility for another creature.

5- They help us build new human relationships.

6- They distract us from negative thoughts & feelings.

7- They encourage us to maintain healthy routines like exercising & keep us on simple schedules.

8- They raise our serotonin levels when we're with them.

9- They provide us with the healing power of laughter.

Just as the case of Owen Howkins. Owens was born with a rare disease called Schwartz-Jampel syndrome which means his muscles are always tense. His childhood was painful. He realized from the time he was very young that people looked at him funny & he became self-conscience about his appearance. Marked by dwarfism causing him to have the smallest head & small eyes. Owens started withdrawing from the world, isolating himself to his house for safety reasons.

At the same time an Anatolian shepherd called Haatchi was also suffering. He was only 10 months old when someone tied him to a train track & left him to die. A train took off his hind leg & as he laid there bleeding he was found by Owen's dad.

Well what the devil meant for harm God turn it around & used it for good. Once Haatchi healed he took to Owen & Owens life change instantly. His new pet unquestioning acceptance of his condition gave the boy the confidence to venture back out into the world again. Owens lost his fears of strangers because with Haatchi around he now had something to talk about.

Sometimes A Good Dog is the Best Medicine!

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